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    Exhibition forecast of ProPak China 2018

    Release date:2018-06-22 00:00 Source: Click:

       The annual ProPak China will be held in Shanghai Pudong New International Exhibition Center from July 11 to 13. Welcome to Samwin packaging booth n4e48. Shangwei will bring a new generation of intelligent packaging machine and high-speed tissue packaging machine to the exhibition.

    In addition to the structural improvement and innovation, Samwin's intelligent packaging machine uses AB's PLC to have the functions of data collection and data report, and also can upload the equipment data and production data to the SCADA system through the intelligent gateway, and can access Samwin's remote operation and maintenance service platform: "Liangren cloud maintenance platform".


        On the Liangren cloud platform, customers can see the field equipment configuration, equipment OEE, production status, capacity statistics, vulnerable parts life, energy consumption resources, etc. in real time and intuitively, which greatly facilitates the production management and provides customers with timely and effective preventive maintenance services.



    Liangren cloud platform not only provides preventive maintenance services, but also is the basic module of building intelligent plant equipment operation and maintenance management system.

    Sunway actively responds to the call of the state to promote "integration of industrialization and industrialization", integrates automation and informatization of equipment, provides data management services based on the whole plant equipment for users on the basis of data collection, transmission and analysis of equipment, and provides preconditions for users to build an intelligent factory based on the industrial Internet of things.