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    Release date:2018-05-03 00:00 Source: Click:

        From April 25 to 27, the demonstration EPC project of salt industry "technical transformation and upgrading project of Fuda salt packaging production line" contracted by Samwin was fully accepted by Jiangxi Fuda Salt Co., Ltd. and formally delivered for production and entered into the stage of comprehensive application.

    With the implementation of "salt industry reform", many salt enterprises began to explore the way of transformation and upgrading. In this context, Samwin and fidelity salt deal with the challenges brought by salt industry reform and turn them into reform opportunities. By improving production efficiency and product quality, Shangwei realizes "management upgrading, industrial upgrading, transformation and development".


         Project process

        Since the start of "technical transformation and upgrading project of Fuda salt edible salt packaging production line" in early 2017, Samwin has set up a professional project team, which, together with abb and other professional equipment manufacturers, has successively completed the work of scheme design, simulation construction, virtual delivery, project construction, etc. The core technology of the project is to combine multiple packaging machines and finish the automatic packing work by spider hand after finishing the finished packaging bags. This technology is not widely used at home and abroad, and has the leading position in the world. Fidelity salt is the first designated salt production enterprise adopting this technology in the domestic salt industry. With this project, fidelity salt won the first prize of "machine for human" scientific and technological progress of Jiangyan salt group and the annual "machine for human" advanced enterprise of Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province. The acceptance and production of this project indicates that domestic salt production enterprises have entered a new era of development, and also indicates that the development of Shangwei automation and informatization overall solutions has entered a new era.

          Project results


    There are many technological innovations in the production line of this project. Here are some examples.

    Innovation point 1: confluence and diffluence device in high-speed transportation of soft packaging


    Innovation 2: high speed servo bag handling device


    Innovation 3: palletizing system for handling four different products through color mark on cartons


         Based on advanced technology and guaranteed by advanced equipment. Sunway is committed to becoming a leading international automation, information-based overall solution provider. In the future, we are looking forward to helping more users realize the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the plant and build more demonstration EPC projects.