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    Leading engineering, intelligent leap

    Release date:2018-06-04 00:00 Source: Click:

    Samwin has always been committed to meet customer needs and create value for customers, and has always implemented the business philosophy of customer first. In the information age of rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, sunway has ushered in the best opportunity of strategic transformation and business upgrading. The company has transformed from a traditional mechanical equipment manufacturer to an integrator of industrial Internet of things overall solutions and a customization provider of flexible intelligent equipment Based on advanced process technology, lean manufacturing and international standardization system, we will carry out intelligent system planning and design, hardware configuration and integration, installation and debugging, management mode establishment and training, and operation and maintenance management for customers.


    Since 2018, especially in terms of project engineering business, it has kept pace with the times and grown rapidly. The key reasons are as follows:

    1. Sunway has a high-quality process and technology team with rich experience in agrochemical, food, daily chemical and related industries and international advanced technology level. It adheres to the process concept of continuous improvement and customizes the process and technology solutions that are advanced in the industry, practical in operation, standardized and safe, and can meet the needs of customers in an all-round way, especially in the field of pesticide preparations The design concept of the plant is widely concerned by the domestic agricultural and chemical industry and even the international agricultural and chemical giants. The highly intelligent equipment has basically realized the unmanned workshop at the production and operation level of pesticide preparations. With the wings of information technology, it will become a benchmark digital chemical plant in the agricultural and chemical industry with the industrial Internet of things as the standard. We have carefully reviewed and demonstrated every detail and node of every equipment in the process, and become the most advanced, convenient, safe, practical and reliable investment economy with reasonable advantages. We have established a standard modular design model with the batted common technology, so that our project can be implemented as an advanced worker. A good tool for technology promotion.


    2. FDS and plant3d software are provided for engineering design of the project to provide the best visual platform for engineering design review, so that customers can directly feel the scientificity and rationality of planning and design, and correct design deficiencies and process defects in a more effective and timely manner, and provide accurate data for engineering installation materials and other engineering quantity calculation.


    3. Pipeline prefabrication is adopted in the equipment installation project, and plug-ins are added on the basis of the original 3D pipeline drawing software to automatically cut the 3D pipeline to be prefabricated into the construction drawing of the pipeline section to be prefabricated. Pipe section cutting, lathe flattening, beveling, model positioning welding, pipeline welding and argon filling protection, water pressure testing, two-dimensional code marking pipeline section number, etc. are carried out in Samwin workshop Greatly improve the quality of pipeline welding and installation, reduce the on-site welding and shorten the on-site installation period.


    4. With the rapid rise of the industrial Internet of things, Samwin's project engineering business also keeps pace with the times. All project control and operation systems are introduced into SCADA and MES systems, so as to realize data visualization of reports, electronic Kanban and corresponding MES manufacturing management system. Samwin has also created a cloud maintenance platform to comprehensively grasp the operation status of project equipment of customers around the world, early warning of faults and reminders The replacement of parts enables the production and operation management of the intelligent digital chemical plant to be fully demonstrated in our project engineering.


    5. With the deepening of business, sunway has more and more experience in building intelligent factories. It not only starts from the integration of intelligent whole lines to build production execution system, including intelligent network distribution, intelligent lighting system, intelligent storage system, intelligent security system, intelligent heating and ventilation system, intelligent multimedia system and other public works, which are also included in the overall solution of Sunway intelligent chemical plant Among.

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